Made in Quebec

Exclusive product of posterior esthetic crowns (molars and premolars)

Zircon Mono-block providing the highest fracture resistance of the entire range of aesthetic restorations available.

Manufacturing method fully supported by CAD | CAM technologies (optimal accuracy).

Aesthetic quality meeting the needs of patients.

Exclusive use of electronic commerce (standardized and simplified prescription).

Minimum manufacturing time: 5 working days.

Unique cost and transport included.

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What is zirconia and zirconia crown?

Zirconia is the oxide – a combination with oxygen – of the zirconium element. Zirconium is in the 40th place of the periodic table, it belongs to the group of metals. It is a very strong and solid material, it can cut even the steel.

Zirconia is a strong material, its resistance to bending and rigidity are great. In practice, it’s like porcelain. To achieve these qualities, zirconia is treated under laboratory conditions by different methods. Thanks to this manufacturing technology, its resistance to bending is 10 times greater than that of traditional porcelain.

Because of its high rigidity, for a long time this material was not used in dentistry, because it could not be shaped with typical and traditional methods (molding, sealing, pressing) that were on the market.

It did not begin to spread until the 1990s when CAD \ CAM technologies appeared. The treatment of zirconia is only possible with these technologies.

Matériau Zircone


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