High Tech and Digital Services Available

High Tech and Digital Services Available

In our continuous efforts to offer only the best products and services, we have acquired two X-RITE digital shade selectors for use in our Quebec City and Montreal labs. Contact us for more information!

Shade selection : We offer consultations with our dental ceramists to help choose the right shades for your patients (by appointment only). Contact us for more information.

Digital photos : We have created an email address (photo@dentachrome.ca) where you can send us digital photos of your cases.

Lab quotes : We can also prepare an individual quote for all your major lab work requirements FREE OF CHARGE. Ask for yours today.

Equipment rental : We offer affordably priced rentals of certain tools, such as :

  • Torque controllers
  • Bridge removers
  • Bonding kits for facings
  • Porcelain repair kits

To check availability and reserve equipment, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-888-463-5764 in Montreal or at 1-800-463-5764 in Quebec City.

Technical support : Remember, you can talk to a technician at any time during business hours by calling one of our labs.