New Technologies

At each of our laboratories at Dentachrome, you're sure to receive the personalized service you expect. Several years ago we installed a computerized case management system enabling us to track your cases more quickly in any of our labs, and more efficiently make the changes requested. Our three laboratories are networked, and our secretaries will be happy to keep you informed on all your shipments and invoices.

We constantly seek to satisfy our customers and perfect and refine the variety of lab work we do, so we never hesitate to acquire the equipment necessary to implement the latest technologies on the market. We also regularly provide our technicians with the opportunity to hone their skills to better meet customer needs.

PROCERA® and PROCERA® FORTE Scanner The Procera technique offers superior precision and optimal fine-tuning. We can now produce zirconia crowns and bridges in 4 different shades.

Etkon Scanner The ultimate solution for zirconia, chromium-cobalt or titanium. With automatic recognition of preparation lines, a scanning tolerance of 5 microns and a milling tolerance of 20 microns, etkon is fast becoming the partner of choice for demanding dentists.

Lava Scanner Every day more dentists ask their lab for the Lava brand from 3M ESPE. Lava restorations are made with Lava zirconia and are designed and milled with the innovative Lava CAD/CAM system. The combination of materials and precision milling produces a strong restoration with an excellent marginal fit.

X-RITE Shade Selector Measures your patient’s tooth color and stores it in our database to be used when it’s time to create the prosthesis. Your patients can book a free appointment at our office to choose the perfect shade for them.
Laser and Phaser Welder Welding can be carried out directly on stone models without damaging them. Recommended for pre- or post-ceramic welds.
VITALLIUM License To guarantee superior quality skeleton dentures, our Dentachrome laboratory on Victoria Street jumped at the chance to become a licensed Vitallium lab. We are one of the only Vitallium dental labs in Quebec to be EXCLUSIVE manufacturers of cast removable full and partial dentures.
NobelGuide™ Technology NobelGuide™ is a revolutionary treatment planning and surgical implementation system enabling you to transfer extraoral planning into the mouth with unrivaled accuracy and ease. Computer-aided 3D design shows you the exact position and depth of the implants before surgery. This information enables NobelBiocare or the lab to produce a surgical template which guides the flapless procedure from start to a completely successful placement.

3I Cam StructSURE Technology The 3I Cam Structure support bar is computer designed and manufactured out of a block of titanium using a digitalized impression.

Sinfony from 3M-ESPE We offer numerous restoration options with this revolutionary system. For esthetic, metal-free facings, crowns, and bridges, we guarantee a natural-looking smile, superior functionality, optimal bonding, and biomechanical harmony between the natural tooth and the Sinfony restoration. Contact our bridge and crown technicians today.
Procera Implant Bridge (anciennement All-in-One)
Bridge Implant-supported prostheses made by computer (CAD/CAM). Machined from a block of pure titanium or zirconium.

Ivoclar BPS Technique With the Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS), we produce top-notch, natural-looking prostheses offering optimum functionality.

Thermoplastic Clasps (Lucitone FRS by Dentsply) Finally, transparent, highly functional clasps for your partials available through this flexible, thermoplastic dental resin used with the Success Injection System. Contact our acrylic technicians for more information.

Digital Photos We have created an email address where you can send us digital photos to facilitate the lab work we do for your patients. Please contact us at :